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Service Stations

Pay at the Pump

Unipet was the first company to provide a pay at the pump service for customers. Customers simply have to pull up to the pump, swipe their credit card, await authorisation, press start, fill up and drive out. It’s that easy and convenient. Currently twenty of our twenty-four service stations offer pay at the pump  

Safety Tips at our service stations
  • Turn your car engine off before filling up.

  • Switch off your cell phones at service stations.

  • No smoking or naked flames or any other sources of ignition at or in the vicinity of a service station.

  • Do not get in or out of your car while refuelling – this causes a build-up of static electricity which can be a source of ignition.

  • Avoid stepping over the nozzle hose while filling up - you could trip over the hose and pull it out of the car, causing fuel to spray everywhere.

  • Avoid spills - do not top off or overfill the vehicle.

  • After pumping gasoline, leave the nozzle in the vehicle's tank opening for a few seconds to avoid drips when you remove it.

  • Use only approved portable containers for transporting or storing gasoline.

  • Never fill a portable container when it is in or on the vehicle, always place the container on the ground and ensure the container is stable before filling.

  • When filling a portable container keep the nozzle in direct contact with the container and only fill it about 95 percent full to leave room for expansion.

  • Always pay attention to what you're doing! Pumping gas is the transfer of a hazardous substance; don't engage in other activities.


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