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nipet offers more than just fuel and fluids for your vehicle. We pay special attention to the details like brightly lit stations, hand sanitizers and clean toilets facilities to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Here's what you can find at all our locations:

DOUBLE FILTERED FUEL: Unipet provides consumers with fuel sourced from Petrotrin. These types are Diesel, Kerosene, Regular UL 83 RON, Super UL 92 RON and Premium UL 95 RON gasolines. All Unipet Pumps have two filters to provide cleaner fuel for your vehicle. Click here to find out more...

AUTO CARE PRODUCTS: Our range includes Fuel Injector Cleaner, Car Wash, Tyre Shine, Windscreen Cleaner, and Engine Degreaser at Unipet Service Stations throughout the country... more info

AIR AND WINDSHIELD WIPING: All Unipet stations are outfitted with air gauges to provide the correct air pressure for your tyres. We also offer to clean your windscreens every time you visit or give you the option to clean it yourself.

PAY AT THE PUMP: Unipet was the first company to provide a pay at the pump service for customers. Customers simply have to pull up to the pump, swipe their credit card, await authorisation, press start, fill up and drive out. It’s that easy and convenient.

360 CONVENIENCE STORE: Unipet has two convenience stores located at the St. Augustine and Curepe Service Stations. You will find everything you need including grocery items, fresh baked goods, hot coffee and ice cold beer.

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