About the Unipet Gas Card

The Unipet gas card is a prepaid card that consumers load funds on to enabling them to purchase fuel at Unipet stations.

The Unipet gas card allows consumers to easily budget and manage their fuel consumption. Consumers no longer have to be concerned that their young adults may not have fuel for their vehicles. They can simply top up their prepaid gas card and monitor its consumption on line.

The Unipet gas card also comes with a mobile app, which enables the consumer to manage and record all of their vehicle maintenance.

Benefits of Consumer Card and App.

  • Consumers can set limits on their fuel purchases for the month.
  • Consumers can review their fuel purchases every month and so have a detailed account of all fuel purchases.
  • Consumers can track their vehicles miles per litre and so monitor the performance of their vehicles.
  • Consumers can get handy reminders to avoid fees and penalties for not renewing important documents, such as your drivers permit and insurance.
  • Consumers will earn reward points, which can be used for such things like hotel accommodation, airfare travel and even gas.
  • The app provides consumers with pre-programmed local emergencies numbers at their fingertips. So at the time of a crisis consumers can easily call these numbers. Consumers can also add in their own personal emergency contact information
  • The app enables consumers to record and monitor all repairs done on their vehicle.

Unipet Participating Stations

  1. Peakes Cocorite
  2. Cantaro Santa Cruz
  3. Laventille
  4. El Soccorro
  5. Curepe
  6. St. Augustine
  7. Cumuto
  8. Sangre Grande
  9. Medford Chaguanas
  10. Brentwood Chaguanas
  11. Harmony Hall
  12. Couva
  13. Marabella
  14. La Romain
  15. Barrackpore
  16. Peakes Tacarigua
  17. Princes Town

How do I use my card?

The card operates just like a regular debit card, except the pin is the persons drivers permit number.

  1. The consumer will visit the gas station cashier
  2. Provide the cashier with their Driver Permit number and card.
  3. The cashier will swipe the card and put in the drivers permit number.
  4. The consumer will state how much fuel they want and then fill up like normal.

How do I make payments?

  1. Payments can be made to the card by purchasing top up cards.
  2. The consumer has to simply visit any of the listed Unipet stations and purchase a top up card.
  3. Top Up cards are in values of $100, $300 and $500.
  4. The consumer will then enter the code on their website portal and funds are transferred to their account.

How do I get my gas card and app?

  1. Click below to sign up and register. On registering you would receive an activation code.
  2. Present the activation code to the cashier at the Unipet stations listed.
  3. The cashier will put in the activation code and provide you with the card.
  4. Once the card is activated then you can, visit the relevant app store for your smart phone.
  5. Search for "Petro Card" at the store and download the mobile app.
  6. Once the app is downloaded, you can then open the app and put in the gas card number and password to activate.

How do I use the web portal?

  1.  Visit www.petrocardcaribbean.com
  2.  Select login in the top right hand corner
  3.  Enter user name and password and press enter
  4.  In your profile you will see:
    • General overview of the card and your loyalty balance
    •  Detailed account information
  5.  In your profile:
    • You can edit your account details
    • You can transfer funds between cards
    • You can top up your account
    • You can change your password

What is the cost of this card and app?

There is a onetime cost of $25.00 for the card and a service fee is paid with the purchase of the top up cards. The onetime fee is charged on your first top up of the card.

  • $100 card service fee $6.00
  • $300 card service fee $12.00
  • $500 card service fee $18.00

There is no expiration of the cards.

For more information Call 653 3116 Email: contactus@unipet.co.tt or Facebook